I like programming and hate suburbia.

I was in a great mood yesterday and today I feel like whatever part of me that is ‘me’ has fallen out through my throat and my body will slowly decompose in my bed and I can’t move, send cats please.

Last Night was epic.

Passover Seder with the family.


My aunt (technically step second cousin once removed…?) had this awesome thing for the¬†manischewitz, kinda like

And there were eight little cups but seven people at the dinner and my eleven year old cousin and I kept stealing wine from the extra cup and asking for more and pointing and giggling and he asked me if he was drunk and it was just adorably hilarious. I hugged him goodbye and he was like “Will I get a hangover?” Dying. Anywho, my uncle bought vegan cookies from whole foods and SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. Nom. Oh,¬†manischewitz, why is everything funnier with you.